Monday, 28 November 2011

Hey,  well its been 6 weeks since my last contest and I am pleased with my competitive achievements this year, my next contest now will be in March 2012 when I am planning to spend some time with Team Bombshell in Daytona Beach and then onto the St Louis Pro show. I am also going to compete in the New York Pro in May and want to spend September in US to do another show and go to the Olympia in Vegas!!  How exciting… It is my dream to compete at the Olympia but its going to be tough to qualify as from 2012 the rules change, only 1st place in a regional pro show gets an invite whereas previously top2 or 3 get through.  I can see why they are doing this as the Olympia should be the best of the best but this just means I will be working harder than ever!!!

So is it off season for me right now?  Not exactly. I am still training 5 days a week and doing my cardio but have increased my calories so I am a few pounds over contest weight through the 'off season' and also to come in a bit fuller next season. I am happy with my body right now, although I would be happier if I can add a little more lean weight.  I have been a bit more relaxed with my cheat meals and trying to remember to enjoy myself. I mentioned before that it is an important goal I set myself to not let contests take any enjoyment out of my life as I was so focussed on competing I kind of forgot about my life…  It is so very easy to be consumed by training and diet that you forget to relax and enjoy the present moment and spend time with people that matter in life therefore I have been trying to spend a bit more time doing the things I like doing, which is eating out and dancing (Lambada of course…).  Anyone who knows me will know I like a glass of wine so I am trying to enjoy these things (in moderation) while I can because when contest season hits, it will be all out for me :)    I am 30 next year (arghhhh) and when I think about how fast time goes it is important for me to live my life to the full.  I have reduced my PT hours and started working for the person I worked for two years ago on a freelance basis basically in a Personal / Business Assistant capacity, I have found this has given me some variety and enabled me to use some skills that haven't needed when Personal Training which is good. For me it’s all about variety.

What else have I been doing?  Last week, I had a great shoot with Simon Howard, he is an amazing photographer and such a nice guy.  I am really pleased with the shots, so pleased I uploaded some of the raw images to my page….  I am sure he will tell me off ;) 

I have booked a one day private make up course I December with Jemma Kidd School of Make up to see if they can teach me a few things about my make up on stage, I can never seem to get it right as I wear quite simple make up in real and find the dark tan doesn’t suit my face very well.  People outside the fitness world never quite understand me when I say ‘I have to wear dark tan’. I think they imagine St Tropez spray tan so this time I will go armed with my Jan Tana!!!

Next month I have a few video shoots so I will keep you posted on those

For now, take care, train hard, stay focussed

Michelle xx