Saturday, 10 September 2011

Today is Saturday and I have not long come back from the gym, I did a lower body workout targeting the glutes and  60 minutes cardio, split between the treadmill and a machine called the Summit Trainer by Life Fitness.  I love this machine, it is a cross between an elliptical and a stepper and feels a bit like a Cybex Arc, it has a high step and I can really feel the glutes working.  Personally I do not like the standard cross trainers, I feel the movement is unnatural and it does nothing for the glutes.
I have now less than 4 weeks until I compete at the first ever Arnold Europe and it is going to be Team UK all the way!  There are a few of us going from different classes so let's hope we will bring home some trophies!!

My flights are booked to Madrid and I'm getting excited, I booked a hotel with a gym so I can workout as I am competing the week after.  Registration is on the Thursday and the amateur shows are on the Friday and Saturday and then the overall presentations on the Sunday, I will then fly back home and then spend a few days in UK preparing for the next contest and fly to Serbia a few days later!!  How exciting!

Right now, a lot of my hard work is done in terms of body fat, I don't really need to cut my food drastically because I stay in shape all year round, but I'm trying to be cleaner and stick to the diet 100%. I am still working on lifting my butt and overall refining of shape. My shoulders are starting to balance out coming into proportion with my hips and I'm working my calves a lot more to balance out my legs. I still need to stay on top of this and give everything. After weeks and weeks of training it easy to let things slip if you are not on the ball mentally. I find it important to my progress, despite the training and diet, to keep focussed on the goal. So got to keep motivated and stay on track.
It is the Olympia weekend next weekend and whilst I am not going, I will be watching online.  It will be really interesting to see how the bikini class turns out, I have seen the competitor line up but I have got no idea which way the contest will go.  Fingers crossed for all the Team Bombshell girls :)

On the non contest front, I'm very excited to have seen the artwork for a feature I have going into FLEX magazine in the November issue which will be out in October. I also wrote a short piece on the bikini class which is going in the December issue of Muscle and Fitness.

I also have a few more exciting projects plan so till next time... Watch this space!